simonswiss in a nutshell.

Front-end web developer with a keen eye for design.
Proud father of two.
Surf, basketball, ukulele addict. Love learning, love teaching.

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I am friendly. And Swiss. Which means I am both nice and reliable!

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I enjoy writing clean frontend code and building good, human relationships.

Static Site

Good ol' static sites are back in trend!

Super fast loading times, near zero maintenance. Win!

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CMS Website

I am a big advocate of CraftCMS.

I'd be happy to tell you why I think it's the best CMS out there!

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Want to supercharge your HTML site with a content editing admin area?

Did I mention CraftCMS?

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Mentoring & Training

I love sharing my passion for web development.

Want to learn about Jade, Stylus or React? Let's jump on CodePen together!

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