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Hi! simonswiss is a small web development & digital media shop with a passion for clean designs and friendly customer service.
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I offer a wide range of services that will make your company or product stand out of the crowd.


You have a static website design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch)?

I'll turn it into a responsive HTML website using the latest web development tools and workflow.

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Static HTML Website

While CMS like WordPress are very powerful, a good ol' static HTML is still often the better solution for website projects.

Faster loading time, minimal maintenance are some points worth considering!

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CMS Website

CMS website gives you the power to manage your content from a visual "back-end" interface, so you can create new articles, products or pages without knowing any coding languages!

Beyond the oh-so-popular WordPress, there are a some really compelling options availble: CraftCMS, Perch, MODX, Drupal.

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Have a static HTML website and want to harness the power of a CMS to manage your content? We'd be happy to help!

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Branding Work

I can help with logo design, style guide, video editing to make your brand make a splash in the digital world!

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Bug Fixing

Sometimes you don't need a whole new website but just want to fix a few issues and give a fresh coat of paint on what you currently have.

I can help with that too!

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Copy Writing

A beautiful website is nothing without efficient copy. Copy writing for the web is tricky, and shouldn't be underestimated.

Let us help you grab your users' attention and get noticed by those search engines everybody wants to be friendws with!

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Ongoing Maintenance

Have a running website and need regular checkups / services to focus on other aspects of your business? Give us a shout!

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Mentoring & Training

Want to make the most out of your website or learn a thing or two about a specific topic / platform? Get in touch with us!

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