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In early 2023, Kent C. Dodds reached out to me and asked if I wanted to organise a live stream session where I’d help him build some UI designs with Tailwind CSS.

After freaking out for a few minutes, I said yes.

After the successes of his courses Testing JavaScript and Epic React, Kent is now working on a new course called Epic Web Dev.

To support the course, he’s building a new app called Rental Rocket. He’s building it with Tailwind CSS.

And this is why he reached out: he wanted some tips and pointers to help him kickoff the build of Rocket Rental 🚀

A step outside my comfort zone

I have talked to Kent before on a zoom call, but it still felt surreal to be to be doing a live stream with him!

I know Kent is super kind and down to earth, and there was absolutely nothing to worry about, but… I was still nervous!

The stream ended up going really well. We got stuck on some things, but that’s part of live streaming.

I genuinely think I provided some good value to Kent, and to the audience watching.

The full stream was 2-hours long, and you can find it here on YouTube:


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