Pro Tailwind: advanced-level course on Tailwind CSS

I'm building Pro Tailwind, a course that dives into advanced-level Tailwind CSS concepts and patterns.

Illustration of Flex the corgi, the Pro Tailwind mascot, surfing a wave while wearing sunglasses.

Pro Tailwind skips most of the beginner topics and focuses techniques can that scale with your team.

Together, we will:

  • Deconstruct some the most visually interesting parts of the UI, triggering those “think outside the box” muscles in the process.
  • Add support for multiple color themes, combining the superpowers of CSS variables and the Tailwind Plugin API.
  • Isolate and compose styling concerns to support multiple style variant combinations for a given UI component
  • Share and consume the same UI components across multiple, unrelated projects

illustration of the Pro Tailwind corgi mascot

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